How to Download All Your Facebook Data and Files


Facebook has an archive of all your activity on the website since the moment you opened an account, every update you have posted; pictures, files, documents, etc. The downloaded file also contains all your personal info and profile information so you have to be very sure you need to download this because you wouldn’t want it to get into the wrong hands.

When you’ve made up your mind to download your archive, when it’s ready it would come in a ZIP format.

To download your Facebook data:

Login to your account and navigate to Settings menu



Right down you see the Download a copy of your Facebook data option



Click on it then proceed to Start My Archive


Now you need to re-enter your password again for security purpose. Enter your password then click on submit. Click on Start My Archive. Facebook will tell you they are gathering your information and will notify you by your registered email when it’s ready to download.

Download Facebook data and Files

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