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Do you love trying out new games? Delta Emulator is a game emulator that has an amazing range of games to play on your iOS devices. Now you can get your favourite games from childhood to the newest ones. Delta Emulator iOS has games from Nintendo, SNES, PS, etc that can be downloaded for free.

Delta Emulator for iOS is a third-party app and requires an external source to download. This is why you need TopStore iOS. It offers modded apps, tweaks, games, emulators, etc for free on your iDevices. You can download Delta Emulator on iOS safely by using TopStore. The detailed procedure is given in the coming section. Do check out this awesome game emulator.

Features of Delta Emulator

If you are looking for the best source to get games from, there is only one option and that is Delta Emulator for iOS. Here are some features of the latest Delta Emulator for iOS.

  1. It has an enormous collection of games from the old game consoles to the latest mobile games.
  2. You can download the ROM files of games and install them to play offline.
  3. It lets you connect with friends online and play as a team or challenge them.
  4. The user interface is wonderful and easy to operate.
  5. All your game data will be stored automatically even if you quit in between.

You can find hundreds of games from PS, GBA, SNES, etc in this game emulator. Delta Emulator for iOS is a much-needed app for gamers across the globe.

How to Download Delta Emulator on iOS

Delta Emulator is free to download on iOS. TopStore app that gives hacked apps, tweaks and emulators without jailbreaking the iDevice is the best source to get it from. You can safely download Delta Emulator on iOS using TopStore by following the steps given below.

  1. Open the Safari browser and go to the link provided below.
  2. It will open the official TopStore website. Hit the Download button from here: TopStore VIP.
  3. After downloading it, navigate to Settings and take the Profile & Device Management option. Trust TopStore profile.
  4. Launch TopStore on iOS and search for Delta Emulator.
  5. Tap on the Install option to download Delta Emulator.
  6. Open the Settings, tap on the Profile & Device Management option and Trust Delta Emulator profile.

It is a safe and simple way to download Delta Emulator on iOS. You should try out this awesome app to get the best games on iDevices.

How to Use Delta Emulator on iOS

The latest Delta Emulator has an amazing user interface that lets you download games for free.

  1. Launch official delta emulator and on the search bar, type the desired game.
  2. Download the ROM file that you get to install it on iOS.
  3. You can also play them online by clicking on Play.
  4. Browse through the various categories of games available in the database.


  • Is Delta Emulator free?

Yes, you can get hundreds of games on iOS including the paid ones for free by using Delta Emulator.

  • What is Delta Emulator?

Delta Emulator iOS is a game emulator that provides you with classic and retro games from over 18 game consoles. You can play them online or get them offline for free.

  • How to download games from Delta Emulator?

You can simply search for the game to get the ROM file. Download and install it to get the game.

  • Is Delta Emulator safe to use?

Of course, it is free of errors and doesn’t require a jailbreak.


Delta Emulator for iOS is a great way to discover new games and have the best gaming experience on iOS. It is safe and user-friendly which makes it the most downloaded game emulator. Download Delta Emulator on iOS with TopStore and enjoy your favourite games for free.


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