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download boomplay app apk

Music is an essential part of our daily lives. Regardless of the genre, you love, you can only enhance your listening experience with a good music player and streaming service. Various music apps exist on phone app stores; however, we will be looking at Boomplay app, Africa’s own Spotify.

Boomplay app is an exclusive music player and video player app for TECNO phones. However, you can download it for free on any Android device of any brand from the Google Play store. The free version consists of ads which pop up from time to time, but if you choose from any of the subscription plans, the ads disappear.

Do you want to know more about the Boomplay? Read on as we tell you more about this application and how it enhances your mobile entertainment.

Transsnet Music Limited developed Boomplay app as a lifestyle and entertainment app with its sights on music. The app allows users to download, listen and watch their favourite music or videos on-the-go.  The Boomplay app has a smooth UI with a rotating album cover. When compared to the standard app of Android phones, the Google Play Music, Boomplay stands as a better alternative.

It also recommends videos, album, and music to users from its massive online library of mostly African artists. You can also stream music and or videos without any hassle.

Its feature allows you to hear your saved content offline unlike apps such as YouTube and Splinlet. These products do not support offline use or transfers from your mobile device to your laptop or desktop.

Boomplay music supports Android Wear, and you can also sync the app between more than two devices. This app also gives you a karaoke experience when you sing along to the lyrics that appear on the screen.

Let’s describe the various options we can find on the BOOM player.

Exciting Features of the Boomplay App

Below are the features of this app that makes it worth considering as an addition to your phone’s list of installed apps.

  • New: Catch up on the current and exciting new music from your best artists easily and quickly.
  • Charts: Offers you the chance to know the top selling songs on the continent and around the world.
  • Recommended: A team of editors dishes out a selection of content that users might find interesting.
  • Music: You can find all your audio downloads from either your browser or Boom Player.
  • Videos: Enjoy comedy shows, music videos, and interviews from the big names in the world of entertainment.
  • Playlist: You can enjoy a large number of curated playlists or create a custom selection.
  • Comment, Share and Love: You can show your opinion about the content by typing a comment or using an emoji. You can also share your playlist over social media with your friends.
  • Albums: Download and listen to your favourite records at any time or place.
  • Lyrics: The displayed lyrics on the interface gives you a chance to enjoy a mini-karaoke as you sing along.
  • Daily Lucky Draw: Here you can win free music coins with a lucky draw feature. Coins are used to make in-app purchases and also pay for subscriptions.
  • Transfer Coins: You can share your coins with your friends (that are registered users of Boomplay in your region.
  • Message: The player sends notifications of new releases from your favourite artists as soon as possible.
  • Artists: Browse through albums and music tracks from over 5,000 artists.
  • Genre: You can enjoy sounds from different styles ranging from Afropop to Highlife on this player.
  • Mood: Enjoy a playlist that suits all moods.
  • Radio: Gives you access to an impressive selection of music stations across Africa.
  • Pre-order: Offers you the chance to download albums, singles, and EPs from various artists before the official release date.
  • Equalizer: Enhance your listening experience by adjusting the audio quality of your best song with the equalizer.


How to Download BoomPlay App Apk on Android Smartphone

The app is free to download on Google Play. It requires Android version 4.2 upwards and it currently has over 10 million installs. Download here. To know more, you can also visit its official website.


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