4 Cool Features That Could Hit Facebook in 2017

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Facebook is arguably one of the biggest websites in the world and the owners are always working tirelessly everyday to improve the website. Members of  the Facebook team, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, had their monthly Hackathon today, the last one for this year. At the Hackaton which was streamed live, Mark revealed some of the cool features expected to hit Facebook in 2017. Here are 4 of the cool features:

Features That Could Hit Facebook in 2017

1. GIFs in Comments: As defined by online Oxford dictionary, GIF is a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. They are the moving images, but not videos. With the GIFs in comments feature, Facebook users will be able to search an integrated GIF database on Facebook and use them in comments.

2. Offline Chat on Facebook Messenger Lite: Users of Facebook Messenger Lite in areas of the world with poor Internet coverage would be able to chat on Facebook Messenger Lite without Internet data. These users will use WiFi on their smartphones to chat with others nearby.

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3. Location sharing on Facebook Messenger: The feature will allow users to share their location with friends. This feature is also handy in the case of emergence, where it can map users’ location and automatically send to their contacts. Facebook considers this as a advancement on its crisis safety check feature.

4. Shared Album Feature: Come 2017, Facebook will also be using AI to compile and group users photos and videos. By pulling contents tied to a special event, the AI will compile photos and videos related to the event and group put it into album.

These are the 4 cool features you should be expecting on Facebook in 2017. In the meantime, let keep our fingers crossed and wait till next year when these features will start rolling in.

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