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  1. Do I need to register first because for union bank, it’s asking me for pin or it is just my atm pin. Please reply asap. I need to tranger money to someone now. Thank you

  2. Please once I type *389*032#, it brings up different options but nI create pin, just 1- topup, 2- balance, 3- statement, 4- transfers, 5- Atm cardlexcash, 6- bill payment, 7- merchant payment, 8- other services. And other services only has change pin. Please I need to make a transaction and I don’t have access to the bank atm.

    • Try to enter the pin you always to withdraw at the ATM. If it doesn’t go try 4 zeros and see what happens. If all these options fails you may need to call their customer care line or visit the bank tomorrow.

  3. Thank you for the prompt reply, I tried it and it said transaction failed because your transaction is not permitted on this channel.

    • Visit the bank tomorrow and complain about the pin issue. But I think if you check closely, there should be an option to reset the PIN on that menu.

  4. I just tried to do that but it still didn’t work, all I can do is buy recharge card through *380*023*amount#. Will visit the bank in the morning. Thank you and God bless

  5. Pls how can I access my diamond bank account number on my phone? I don know the acc number and no diamond bank around me.

  6. When I tried d union bank code, I got dear customer ur connection timed out. Pls try again later and I have been trying again, still d same message, pls wat should I do ooo its very important this thing works o

  7. Please sir am unable to check my account balance on my mobile phone ecobank,I dialed *326*0# but it saying your request cannot be completed at this time

  8. Please I tried using the code for STANBIC bank to check my account balance but it keep saying service timeout. Please do you have any other option for me to use ?

  9. I tried using the unity bank ussd code to check my balance with my ATM pin but it’s not working. Pls what pin are they asking for?

  10. Morning! Pls I need dis and i’ll b fine if u answer mme! Am using *945# before on register number sudenly I lost that sim and I go to bank branch to link new sim to my acct for alert and that code is not working again dis is what it’s tell mme? You are not eligible to use the service,kindely register again to enjoy this service . Secondly I link my verve card to quickteller aplication and am use it before , surdenly the aplication deleted and i readownload it so when am try to link the details again to the application it’s said! The card haved been register with another Wallet

  11. Gud pm, pls I want to know maybe my account is still working, it has being a long time that I have used it because am not in Nigeria pls help me out

  12. hi, please how can i check my UBA account number without visiting the bank, because the bank is far from me and i can remember the account number again, thanks.

  13. Good day i tried *710*556*pin# to check my acct bal for diamond but its not working. What should i do or does it only work for MTN?

  14. Good day, pls i just opened an account with union bank and i used this code to activate ,*389*032#,now if i want to check my account details which code will i use?

  15. for GT BANK… i wanted to check my account number on phone.. on my on screen command d tin was asking me for pin and no pin sent to me

  16. Dear admin how can I get my account number without going to the branch were I opened my account,? My account number was saved in my lost phone and I don’t have it off hand.

  17. Dear Admin, l sent someone with my account to transfer money into it and he called me back telling me that the account name was not mine. So what do I do?

  18. Please for diamond bank, I want to check for my account number with my phone to make a payment (not diamond yellow account) but I don’t know how to get the account number… help please

  19. Hello good afternoon the reason why am here is because of my bank account please bro bank send bank account to me on my phone am I don’t remember it and I want to transfer money to it them my bank account was delect on my phone please which thing can I do

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