Clubhouse New Payment Feature Will Let You Send Money to Creators

clubhouse payments

Clubhouse is introducing ‘Payments’ which will let users send money to creators. All users will be able to send money but the ability to receive money is being rolled out gradually starting with a test within a small group of users.

It’s important to us to align our business model with that of the creators—helping them make money and thrive on the platform,” Clubhouse says. This follows competition from other social media apps as they implement the live audio chat feature. Twitter is following the same model with its Spaces and it is also working on letting creators receive payments.

To send money on Clubhouse, tap on the profile of a creator who has enabled the feature, and then tap on “Send Money”. Register a credit or debit card and enter the amount you want to send. Clubhouse says the creator gets all of the money which means it will not take a percentage. The send will however be charge “a small card processing fee” from payment processing partner, Stripe.

Clubhouse is still only available as an iOS app but the Android version is expected to be available in “a couple of months.”

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