Clubhouse for Android Enters Beta Roll Out After Being An iOS-only App for Over a Year


After more than a year of being an iOS-only app, Clubhouse today announced the app is coming to Android. Starting today, the company is rolling out the beta version of the Android app beginning with the US. People in other English-speaking countries and the rest of the world will have the opportunity to download in the coming days.

Clubhouse re-invented audio conversations in the pandemic and showed people from all over the world do not have to see one another in order to have meaningful conversations on the internet. The app became a place where people could hang out, make friends, talk, and debate interesting matters. With increased popularity day-by-day, important public figures like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg were invited to speak on the app.

Our plan over the next few weeks is to collect feedback from the community, fix any issues we see and work to add a few final features like payments and club creation before rolling it out more broadly,” Clubhouse says. The company says it will still maintain the waitlist and invite system which means only Android users with invite from current users will be able to download.

Clubhouse says it plans to expand further by “welcoming millions more people in from the iOS waitlist, expanding language support, and adding more accessibility features.” With its popularity, Clubhouse began seeing competition from other social media apps. Twitter launched Spaces, its audio-only chat and Instagram recently made it possible to turn off video during its live sessions.

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