ChatGPT App Is Now Available for Android

openai - chatgpt plus

Following the release of the iOS version in May, OpenAI announced today that the ChatGPT app is now available on Android. The company says the Android app is available for now in the US, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil but will be expanding the rollout to more countries “over the next week.”

The app only supports Android 6.0 and above and accepts voice inputs like the iOS version. Subscribers of ChatGPT Plus can switch between the free GPT-3.5 and the paid GPT-4 language models. Android app users can sync their chat history across multiple devices and continue where they left off.

Before the launch of Instagram’s Threads, ChatGPT was the fastest platform to reach 100 million users, achieving the feat in two months. The success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has inspired other companies to develop their AI tools. Shortly after the release of ChatGPT, Google announced its Bard AI, which has a web interface only for now. Elon Musk recently announced the formation of xAI, while Bloomberg reported recently that Apple is working on its generative AI tool.

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