You will Soon be able to Change PSN Online ID, Sony Confirms

change psn online ID

The long-awaited features have finally been confirmed, in a blog post, Sony’s Social Media Director, Sid Shuman confirmed this today. PSN account holders will finally be able to change their PSN online ID, however, those who pre-registered for previous PS4 software betas will have the access first through the preview program after which the official release is rolled all PS4 owners in early 2019.

The preview program is scheduled to last till November, with Sony confirming beta testers will be able to change online ID as many times as possible. Changing your PSN Online ID comes at a cost however after you’ve made a first-time change which is free. Subsequent changes will attract a fee of 9.99 USD/ CAD for regular members, and as expected, PlayStation Plus members get a discount paying half the price at 4.99 USD/ CAD.

How to Change PSN Online ID

To change PSN online ID, navigate to the Settings menu of your PS4 console or go through your profile page. You can also change your ID by signing in to the online page.

For friends to recognise your new ID, Sony confirms you will be able to display your old ID alongside the new one. Once you finally decide to stick with the new ID, you cannot go back after the process has been completed. You will have to pay to change your PSN online ID again.

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Occasional errors may occur after ID change as Sony confirms games and applications on PS3 PS Vita Systems are not guaranteed to support the new ID change. All PS4 games published after April 1st, 2018 are compatible as were as virtually all older realised ones. If the changes are serious, you may revert back to old ID for free once during the preview program.

To avoid major errors, Sony will be publishing the full list of supported games when the ability to change PSN online ID finally becomes official.


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