Carlcare Service: The Official Phone Repair Provider for Infinix, TECNO, Itel

Carlcare service

When it comes to mobile repair, Carlcare Service is among the frontrunners in the industry. This becomes evident from the fact that the company is the only official after-sales phone repair service provider for Infinix, TECNO, Itel. Other than that, Carlcare’s impeccable service support is being trusted and authorized by the renowned accessory brand, Oraimo, as well as the prominent consumer electronics brand, Synix. 

Founded in 2013, Carlcare Service has spread its wings in more than 50 countries with its 2300+ service centers committed to redefining the way mobile repair services are being catered. Blending innovative technologies with its customer-centric work approach, the company has now become a brand that millions rely upon to get high-quality repair services for their mobile phones, IT products, home appliances, TVs, and more. Furthermore, Carlcare has created a niche for itself in the segment of phone accessories; their demand is increasing by folds with each passing year.

Trained and Certified Technicians 

A factor that works in favor of Carlcare is that it is officially certified and licensed to repair your Infinix, TECNO or itel phone. The technicians at Carlcare are provided with regular trainings, and hence have a deep understanding of the features and functionalities of Infinix, TECNO and itel phones. They know their jobs thoroughly, and provide flawless mobile phone repair in a short time. Customers are assured that their pricey gadgets are in safe hands.,

Genuine consultation 

Carlcare’s business approach is congruent to its motto “yes we care” and the company puts ‘customer satisfaction’ above everything else. Our team is committed to providing genuine consultation and never tries to fleece our customers. The management has always given it a priority that its service center members are well-spoken, polite, and have decent communication skills, so they can understand and deal with customers in the most professional manner possible. 

Transparent Price

Its transparency in the prices, be it for phone repair services or spare parts, has also helped the company garner excellent reviews from customers from around the world. Before making your purchase, you can check the spare parts prices for your Itel, TECNO, and Infinix device through Carlcare App. This means you will know the repair cost well in advance. 

Use of Original Spare Parts

Carlcare has also cemented its reputation in the industry for being one of those companies that provide only original spare parts, and phone accessories. All the products that Carlcare sells are genuine and made in the brands’ factories. Its catalog of original accessories for Infinix, Itel, and TECNO devices is very impressive too. 

Reliable Warranty

Carlcare is the official after-sales service centre for TECNO, Infinix, and Itel and thus offers genuine warranty benefits to these brand users. If your phone is still under warranty, you may get the necessary repairs free of cost.

Carlcare reliable warranty

Carlcare App: Repair Services & Support on Your Fingertips

Carlcare boasts its highly interactive and useful app. While other service brands also have apps, not many are as personalized and well-managed as Carlcare App. Let us tell you how!

Got any software or hardware issues with Infinix, Itel or TECNO device? Or you may be stuck in a wrong app setting! All you need to do is to ask through the chat function in Carlcare app. An Instant and customized reply from a well-trained service expert is what you can look forward to.

Carlcare mobile app

The app user can also access to other exciting features like ‘Warranty Status Check’, ‘Prices for Phone Parts’, “Service Centers Locations” and a dedicated ‘News Section’ replete with handy repair and care tips.

Carlcare’s online repair reservation servicehas also been a huge hit with phone users. It does an amazing job to save time and energy when someone requires Carlcare’s repair services or looking to buy any accessory. It allows you to make online reservations that entitles you to enjoy a VIP, queue-free service at your selected Carlcare center. In the crisis-hit times when it’s risky to venture out all the time to make a reservation or to make queries, this portal lets you book the repair from the comfort of your home, so you get your phones repaired at the earliest. Can it get easier than this? 

Offers & Discounts

Carlcare runs an array of promotional campaigns every now and then, to help phone-lovers extract the best value for their money. For instance- Carlcare currently offers free Broken Screen Replacement Service to those who have the Screen Replacement Cards. Several such discounts and promos are launched and run during festive seasons round the year.

With more than 100 million happy customers, Carlcare is already on its way towards the top of the ladder as a leading repair service provider in not just Africa but around the world. The company has diversified itself and though its primary product is mobile phone repair, it is equally deft in repairing other hand-held gadgets like tablets, laptops, and also home appliances. 

If your phone is not working properly (say, the home button has stopped working or the mobile screen has cracked or water has seeped inside the device, CarlCare may very well be your one-stop solution for the right guidance. And with the online repair reservation service in place, it has become all the easy to access its care center. Faster and with full convenience!


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  1. Been to carlcare more than twice and after waiting for weeks the problem with my phone was never resolved till today

    • mr chris please i did easybuy in sango branch the payment is tomorrow how can i pay. please send me the details or how am i going to do the payment. my whatsapp number 08065678215

  2. I can only trust them to handle my phone repairs. Interestingly, I haven’t had any issues with my phone yet. Amazing isn’t it?

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