Canadian Government Funds Huawei with Million Amidst Debate Over its 5G Role


Despite ongoing debates regarding the safety of 5G, the Canadian Government has reportedly awarded Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies with millions in funding. According to records, this generosity, bestowed to the company and its collaborating researchers aims to aid efforts to enhance the tech company’s 5G capabilities.

The recent years have seen Huwaei forge relationships with Ottawa and Ontario. In 2016, reports revealed that the company received $16 million from the province’s former Liberal Government to augment funding necessary for the enhancement of the said province’s 5G efforts.

Canada’s effort to focus on tech industries

Canada decided to focus on big tech trends. Back in 2015, Justin Trudeau took the power in hands and decided to create the digital charter. The new plan will have a big influence on Canada’s economic development. According to digital charter, the first cycle will focus on established trends – mobile & cloud, digital gaming, financial technologies, and cryptocurrency.

Canada wants to give mobile & cloud development in Huawei’s hands. Meanwhile, the country’s officials created a liberal approach to another sector – online gaming. Before getting a deal with Huawei, Canada tested positive traits in the gaming sector. The Canadian government allowed the online gaming sector to use different payment options. Cryptocurrency has been implemented in the gaming sector and this decision attracted millions of international users. Canada was popular because of different real-money payment options while cryptocurrency was the icing on the cake. Online real money casinos started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptos. The gaming industry was entirely transformed by cryptocurrencies. Cryptos are appraised by millions of internet users because of secure transactions. Focusing on cryptocurrency from 2016 gave additional billions into the economy of the country. Since 2016, the digital gaming industry is contributing more money to the economy while creating thousands of jobs in Toronto and Ontario. The government wants to give “5G technologies” deal to Huawei because the first decision regarding crypto and digital gaming turned out to be a big success for the economy.

Canadian Government to Focus on 5G Technologies

Living in an increasingly digital world means booming nations such as Canada must keep up with the changing times. Connectivity has become not just a mere luxury, but a necessity required to keep things afloat in today’s digitally inclined society.

Canada believes investing in fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology will allow the nation to keep in step with rapidly changing times. The said technology is bound to give rise to massive innovations that, in turn, will supply a steady stream of jobs for Canadians.

The year 2018 saw Ottawa, Quebec, and Ontario partner with the international tech giant to help bring forth the next step in Canadian wireless technology. Touted to give way to 5G testing in the country, the establishment of over $400 million worth of public-private partnerships took place. This step allowed tech companies to explore and experiment with design and product ideas using state-of-the-art telecommunications technology.

Funding given to foreign companies like Huawei is significant to Canada’s research and development efforts with regards to 5G technology. It does not only provide thousands of jobs for Canadians, but it also facilitates innovation in all sectors, significantly contributing to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP.

Huawei Become Fast Friend With Canada Thanks to New Deal

Now establishing itself as a massive player in Canada’s technology development projects, Huawei is turning out to be one of the country’s biggest allies in terms of digital innovations. With almost a $700 million contribution to Canada’s GDP, there is no denying that this foreign tech giant plays a vital role in securing Canada’s digital future.

Furthermore, reports state that almost 5,000 workers are benefiting from Huawei’s research and development deal with the Canadian Government. The said initiatives recently generated more than $200 million in taxes – a contribution that may well catalyze and support government spending on education, health care, and other essential services.

Digital charter’s role in Huawei-Canada relations

There is no denying the economic impact Huawei continuously delivers Canada. Since 2012, the company has displayed a steady growth that is affecting the nation in more ways than one. As the company’s workforce grows, so does its relationship with several Canadian suppliers. Could the new Digital Charter change the country’s ongoing relationship with the tech giant?

The Digital Charter will place Canada-Huawei relations under a new light. With stricter regulations pushing for more innovations and disruption, their ongoing deals will surely benefit. However, the higher priority with regards to protecting the public interest concerning technology use and privacy could take precedence as well. Whichever direction the partnerships go, the Digital Charter will drive decisions and make sure Canada gets the upper hand.


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