How to Buy from StockX to Nigeria: Review, Delivery & Charges

stockx to nigeria REVIEW

This article will tell you all you need to know about buying from StockX to Nigeria. StockX is still not well-known in this part of the world but it’s well known in America and Europe.

The first time I discovered asos, I was searching for desert boots on Google because I do not want to buy from local sellers here, since I was not satisfied and I wasn’t sure of the quality. Likewise, StockX, I was searching for where to buy original Jordan sneakers in Nigeria since all they sell here are fakes. I hate wearing counterfeits. Thankfully, StockX popped up on Google and they deliver to Nigeria.

What is StockX?

Pronounced “Stock Ex”, refers to itself as the world’s first stock market for things. It’s an online marketplace where people place bids/ask or buy outright things on sale. Now that’s not the main selling point, StockX verifies all products and make sure all they sell is 100% authentic.

Think of eBay, they have lookalike models but on StockX buyers and sellers do not even know one another and they do not have to meet. Sellers just upload pictures and set desired prices and StockX takes it up. StockX are the middlemen.

Guaranteed Authenticity on StockX

When buying from StockX to Nigeria, you can be sure you are getting a 100 percent legit product. You should know this; because local buyers in Nigeria sell fakes does not mean international sellers do not. In fact, international sellers sell fake items very well. StockX’s main selling point is the 100% authenticity.

When a price is agreed for a certain product or sneaker on StockX, the seller ships to a StockX office close-by (headquarters is in Detroit, US)

StockX verifies the product if its 100% legit before authorizing the transaction. If its fake they return it back to the seller and refund the buyer. If there is a pattern of a seller shipping fake products, StockX takes action and removes such person from its platform

How to Buy from StockX to Nigeria

You can shop with the app for Android or the iOS one, you can also use the official website. Whichever you use, make sure to sign up for an account and verify your email address. Fill your contact information, address and set a shoe size.

I bought a US size 10 Joey Bates Nike SB Dunk Doernbecher. I didn’t bid for a lower price since I saw the last sales prices, I just paid outrightly for the asking price since its affordable. For example, see the Air Jordan 1 Grey below.

stockx to nigeria - bid/ask and buy

StockX to Nigeria Payment and Delivery Options

You can pay with your MasterCard directly or use a PayPal account. StockX charged me a processing fee of $3.18 and a shipping cost of $40 as shown in the image below.

stockx to nigeria payment

StockX to Nigeria delivery is handled by UPS and deliveries are fulfilled maximum 10 working days.

I was contacted by UPS upon arrival in Nigeria and when they brought my sneaker, they attached a customs fee of 9k which I suspected is a scam. It’s a big shame, these are the issues we have to deal with in Nigeria. I had to pay to get my shoe.

I got my package, opened the box and saw my brand new authentic Nike sneaker.

stockx to nigeria package

This is all about buying from StockX to Nigeria.

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  1. Hi, I’ve just ordered a pair of sneakers form stockx to lagos Nigeria. Pls I need to ask you few details about the duties etc. Pls can you share you IG handle for a DM. Ty

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