Bluestacks vs Andy: Which is the Best Android Emulators For PC?

bluestacks vs andy

With an emulator, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: Those powerful apps you can’t do without on your Android smartphone or tab can also work, perfectly, on your laptop or desktop computer. And this opens a wide range of possibilities. In today’s post, we are expounding the features and capabilities of Bluestacks and Andy — both popular emulator apps — which of them wears the crown, Bluestacks or Andy?

What Is Emulation All about?

Emulation, simply put, is a technique that lets you run something that is created for one specific platform or console on another. In computing, an emulator is a term that is used to describe hardware or software that allows one computer system, which is referred to as the host, to act like another computer system, which is known as the guest. What an emulator typically does is to enable the host system to use peripheral devices or to run software that is designed for the guest system. A good example is our focus in this write-up, where we will be comparing 2 emulators that’ll let you play your Android mobile games and run other Android mobile applications on your PC.

Emulation comes with a couple of benefits. One, there is a plethora of intense gaming apps for the mobile platform. A game like Clash of clans and similar ones demand a lot of thought as well as solid battery life. They are quite enormous in size, that to get the optimum experience, you need a computer screen. Two, if you make use of your laptop more than your smartphone, you can launch your emulator to make sure that you receive notification about messages; thus, you do not need to be tied to your mobile throughout the day.

Now, let’s pit Bluestacks vs Andy, 2 extremely popular Android/PC emulators currently, to help expedite your decision-making process on which one to opt for.


Founded about a decade ago, BlueStacks is a tech company, which is based in California, US, and designs the BlueStacks App Player as well as other cloud-based cross-platform products. The firm, which was established by Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf, and Rosen Sharma, produce BlueStacks App Player as a tool that allows Android apps to run on PCs, which are powered by Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS.

To enjoy all the amazing features this software has in store for you, start by downloading and then installing it. With these easy steps out of the way, you can start playing every one of your favorite mobile apps and games on a bigger PC screen.

A common problem that users gripe about when using many emulators is, they tend to be a bit slow and a tad disappointing on the scale of graphics quality. Thanks to its signature layercake tech, you won’t experience any of those with Bluestacks. You will have smooth access to the full collection of your faves, with stunning graphics quality and intuitive gameplay.


Andy is the brainchild of Andy OS Inc., founded in 2014. It is another great emulator app that lets you play every one of your favorite games and gain access to various apps, including Clash of Clans, WhatsApp, and lots more. One particular feature of this app you would like is, it allows you to use your smartphone in tandem if you prefer. For instance, you can convert the mobile device to an external controller, make use of it for cloud storage, and do other stuff. Also, the app comes equipped with a sensor, camera, and microphone integration to give you unforgettable gaming experience.

Another interesting capability of Andy is that it will let your games and apps sync with your Google account. So if you are playing on a laptop or desktop and must resume work, you can just continue with the back up later during your lunch hour on your mobile phone. You can download Andy on the official page

Bluestacks vs Andy: Comparison of Features

Both Bluestacks and Andy emulator apps are great programs, and we can assure you that you would love any one of them you choose to download. They are both free, support similar Android games and apps. Other than these similarities, the 2 apps are different in certain areas.

The primary difference between them is Enterprise. Both Bluestacks and Andy can be downloaded for free for personal use; however, they both come with Enterprise options, which require some payment to be made since it’s a license.

The latter emulator application is quite up-front with how their Enterprise option costs. You can either choose between a payment plan of $12 per month or $99 pre-purchase for the whole year. Once you do this, you can play on numerous different laptops and PCs, enjoy access to premium support, get early access to latest releases, and lots more.

On the other hand, Bluestacks isn’t so clear on the way their Enterprise program works, though they claim that it’ll remove adverts from the emulator app. Their Enterprise option is more targeted at commercial environment. Thus, you might need to cross a number of hurdles when creating an account with the company, supplying your business info, contract agreement, and other details.

The Enterprise program of Andy is designed, simply, for either standard or commercial users as the 2 classes can benefit from the emulator’s features; Bluestacks’ Enterprise option, however, is exclusive for commercial use. So, picking your preferable emulator from the 2 apps boils down to what you need it for and the kind of experience you seek. That’s all we have for you on Bluestacks vs. Andy comparison review.


Having compared Bluestacks vs Andy, both emulators are awesome and come with superb features. If you really can’t just decide the specific one to go for, you can try both of them out, since the basic versions are 100% free to download and install. And when you finally make up your mind on the option that suits your needs and style better, don’t hesitate to share your experience with us in the comment section!


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