What Are the Biggest Security Challenges for MacOS in 2023?

macos security challenges

Apple offers a $1 million bounty for anyone who finds critical security errors. This has contributed to Apple devices’ reputation for being 100% cyberattacks-proof.

Maybe Apple offers so much money for finding a vulnerability because they’re overconfident. Or, maybe the company wants to feed this myth.

But, the idea of Mac computers being unhackable is simply not true. Because nowadays, the attacks on Apple devices are happening way more often than they used to.

Here are 5 MacOS security challenges you need to monitor closely in 2023 and beyond.

Malware and Ransomware

We’ve all heard the rumours that MacOS isn’t targeted by viruses or other forms of malware. This started because Apple had such a small market share that cybercriminals focused more on Windows.

Unfortunately, Apple’s growing market share has caught the attention of hackers. 

Researchers recently found evidence that a known malware criminal organization has been targeting MacOS devices for the first time.  

Data Privacy and Account Authentication Threats

The fact that companies collect data has never been more evident than today. So, it makes sense for all of us to be more protective of our data than ever before. 

Cybercriminals realize this, which is the reason why they’re now using advanced systems to collect and sell your data illegally.

There are information-stealing pieces of malware that can harvest iCloud Keychain data and passwords from unknown users. 

Browsers like Safari and Google Chrome already bring safety features that limit the amount of data collected by malicious parties, but they are not completely effective. 

You can boost your security levels by getting a VPN for Chrome or whatever browser you use and accessing the internet through an encrypted connection. 

Identity Theft

Identifying threats is closely related to protecting your data. However, this type of crime opens a whole new world of challenges for its potential victims. 

Besides selling your data, cybercriminals can actually use your personal information to open financial accounts and obtain credit lines in your name. 

The extent of identity theft crimes can vary, with some criminals impersonating their targets in order to access large-ticket items like cars. 

Software Updates and Bug Fixes

While most challenges on this list come from external sources, the last one on our list is actually an internal obstacle: Apple’s software updates and bug fixes. 

It’s normal for any piece of software to be perfected through new updates, versions, and bug fixes. 

The problem is that these are not automatically installed on all devices, so you need to make sure your MacOS and all other software on your computer are always up to date. 

If not, you may run the risk of experiencing a breach for not addressing a known bug or update issue

What Happens If Your Mac Is Compromised?

As with other operating systems, MacOS stores a huge amount of user information. If compromised, this can represent a major challenge that has multiple dimensions. 

If your MacOS is compromised, you may:

  • Have a bad user experience: viruses and other malware usually make your device slow down and harm your experience;
  • End up with your data stolen: in many cases, criminals harvest your data silently in order to commit identity theft crimes;
  • Get locked out of your device: cybercriminals can also lock you out of your device if they manage to install ransomware on it;
  • Experience hardware damage: one of the worst things that can happen is that your hardware may experience irreparable damage, which likely means that you lose all your data. 

To Wrap Up

A few years ago, one of the biggest selling points of Apple devices was their security. 

And, while still powerful, it’s important to understand the safety limitations of MacOS to minimize your chances of becoming a victim. 

We hope that the list above helps you avoid malware, keep your login credentials safe, and ensure that your personal data stays safe at all times.

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