10 Best ThePaperWall Alternatives to Download HD Wallpapers

Best ThePaperWall Alternatives to Download HD Wallpapers

Ever since ThePaperWall went down, many have been looking for ThePaperWall alternatives to download HD wallpapers. The site was a huge and well-known one offering a large array of wallpapers in crisp and clear resolutions. A good wallpaper makes the screen of desktop or laptop computer pop

With sufficient storage space and an internet connection, you can download as much as you can. However, if you are unable to access the site or you want an alternative site offering wallpapers of similar qualities, there are numerous sites where you can visit. Read on as we show you the best ThePaperWall alternatives for you to download HD wallpapers.

Best ThePaperWall Alternatives for HD Wallpapers

Desktop Nexus.com

Many people love this site because of the quality of wallpapers on display on this site. Desktop Nexus features on this list because it offers the latest wallpapers at high resolutions. A one-stop shop for impressive designs, you can get any needs you may have. The site permits you to choose from an updated collection of tags. This makes it easy for users to navigate the massive library. This site offers wallpapers that would interest any art lover, certainly one of the best ThePaperWall alternatives.



Next on this list is Wallhaven, another site where you can have access to an exciting collection of wallpapers. On Wallhaven, you can get HD wallpapers that will fit the screen size of your desktop or laptop. You can also download to wallpapers for your smartphones and tablets via an app of this service. The wallpapers include artwork on current trends to a list of classic pictures that will catch the interest of anyone.



If you are looking for high-quality wallpapers, you should consider HDwallpapers.net.  HDwallpapers.net has a lot of visitors who download millions of backgrounds since its launch.  This site offers digital images for both PCs and smartphones. Using this service you can download wallpapers of any size or resolution.

Thes service also has a clean and straightforward interface which makes it easy for you to view share and download an image of your choice. You can choose this images from curated categories or search using the search bar.


Digital Blasphemy

On Digital Blasphemy, you can discover and download top rated wallpapers for your computer screens. Apart from natural backgrounds, Digital Wallpapers offers free 3D wallpapers which you can use for either personal or business purposes. You can log in to this service via a free or premium account to enjoy various features.

On the interface, you can scroll through various categories to find the ideal wallpaper for your device. The site also sends a subscription letter which keeps its users updated on new content uploaded on the website by its contributors.



Like most sites on this list, WallpapersWide has a massive list of categories where you can choose different types of wallpapers. This site comes with an easy to use interface which makes navigation of site easy.

This service offers visitors as much as five thousand wallpapers for desktops. To enjoy its content, you need to complete a quick registration process. WallpapersWide permits users to rate your favourite artwork making the site’s administration to group the images based on a visitor’s previous choices. With such features, you should give this site a try.



If you are looking for a wallpaper offering site with additional features, you should give  Desktoppr a try. Using this service, you can find various wallpapers, images, and backgrounds. You can also save your pictures on your Dropbox account from this website.

The site also has an active forum where members can share various images.  But before you can have access to this site, you need to create an account. Desktoppr offers only wallpapers for the Windows operating system.


Simple Desktops

As the name suggests this service offers simple desktops to its teeming visitors. The artwork on display features scientifically witty designs with a trendy edge. The colours and orientation of its wallpapers make Simple Desktops an exciting place to download high-quality images.

You can download images for desktops, tablets, and smartphones using this service. You can also get images for personal and business purposes at no charge.


Picky Wallpapers

A site created by indie designers, developers, and artists, Picky Wallpapers has an exciting display of artwork that makes it a suitable alternative to PaperWall. You can download only HD images for various devices including smartphones.

Furthermore, you can select themes that will run on most operating systems of your mobile device. All of the content uploaded on this site comes from the collection of its community of users if you want to have access to this content, you signup for an account. One of the best ThePaperWall alternatives.



WallpapersMania provides visitors with one of the largest collections of wallpapers. The site updates its material frequently across different types of categories. The categories range from Life to Space and Technology.

On the landing page of this site, you can find new artwork displayed as thumbnails with a time stamp. You can also search for images on this service without paying any fees.



Wallpoper greets its users with a clean interface which allows easy navigation. It also features an impressive filter system that allows you to discover your choice of artwork quickly. This site also boasts of a large archive of HD images.


These ThePaperWall alternatives provide a good option and a lot of wallpapers varieties. You can visit these sites and give your opinion on the comment box below.

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