10 Best Free TV Apps for Android

best free tv apps for android

This post will let you know all about the best free TV apps for Android right now. Gone are the days when people really sat down to watch TV shows and movies. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to see people holed up in a building catching up on their favourite TV shows and movies on their Android devices. This is seen as more convenient and more effective. Not like I disagree with them anyway.

Since our devices have been worthy replacements to our television sets, it is, therefore, befitting to intimate you of 10 of the best free TV apps for Android.

Best Free TV Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets


“Winter is coming”. Rings a bell yeah? That’s an excerpt from the very popular tv show, Game of Thrones. For anyone who follows the show, it should be noticed that the show is aired by HBO. This is now available as an Android app thus bringing your favourite shows closer to you.

The app gives every user the opportunity to view any show aired by HBO on their Android device. It contains loads of original contents and is also AD free. There is a catalogue of movies and shows to be aired. This catalogue can be browsed to catch a glimpse of HBO’s offerings. The app also lets users download videos for offline viewing thus eliminating the data cost of watching a movie more than once online. Some of HBO’s original offerings include Silicon Valley and John Oliver.

The app can be used free for the first 30 days and if a user wishes to continue the service, a monthly rent of $14.99 will be required. Due to this, it’s still classified as one of the best free TV apps for Android devices.


This is easily one of the most popular free TV apps for Android. There are various contents available on Mobdro and they include Sport, Music, Entertainment, Tech, Anime (shout out to Naruto fans), Movies and others. Also, your favourite shows are aired so you cannot be left out of the fun.

There are over 10 languages available on live TV with channels pulled together from various countries. The app is quite easy to access and the graphics interface is wavy. What’s more, you do not have to log in before using.

It isn’t available on Google Play but the Apk can be gotten from their website.

Every Android device running on Android 4.1 and above can access the app


free tv apps for android

This is another very popular app among Android users. It can be regarded as a software media player because of its various functions. However, it is not limited to that. Videos, pictures, podcasts and music are available on this application. Its graphical interface is sleek and the app isn’t intricate to use. Both digital audio and video contents can be accessed via Kodi. It is regarded as an open, free source app so it has access to.loads of contents.

It is important to note that Kodi doesn’t offer its contents so a user has to provide contents on the device for the player to view. However, third-party video plugins like Exodus can be integrated to view our favourite shows and movies online.

Kodi is not recommended for devices lesser than 5 inches.


free tv apps

One of the best free TV apps for Android; this app affords users the opportunity to view over 200 TV channels in diverse languages on Android devices. The app is quite easy to use therefore it is highly recommended for all and sundry. There is a channel list available and one can mark some channels as favourites to allow for easier and faster access. However, out of the 200 channels available on the app, less than 40 are English-speaking channels. The bulk of them is Russian.

The app is great for those who have a specific channel to watch but isn’t recommended for those enjoy dynamism.


If you belong to the bandwagon of people who are addicted to Asian series and movies, this is just the app for you. Most of the contents on the app are provided by a community of online fans and such contents are available in well over 100 languages. There are various contents available ranging from Asian thriller to crime, drama, romance and others. Also, subtitles are made available for almost every content so you cannot be left out of the entertainment.

It is easy to watch shows based on ratings. There are different search parameters embedded in the app to make viewing easier. For people like me who aim to watch highly rated shows, there’s an avenue to view top-rated shows and download.

Sports Angel

Are you a sports aficionado and you do not want to miss out on your favourite sports shows? This app is what you really need. Some of the sports available to watch are soccer, basketball and cricket. Furthermore, many of the most popular sports channel in the world such as Sky Sports, Euro Sport, MUTV (Pogba fans, get in here), ESPN is available on this app.

This app is renowned for its easy-to-use system. Live matches or competitions can be streamed on this app from the comfort of your bed or workplace. (Beware of the boot though.) The buffering rate is very low, it is available in HD and there is no need for signup. However, it contains Ads.


It’s Popcorn time! (literally)*grabs popcorn*. Bored and in the mood to watch a movie? No problem. Popcorn Time’s got you covered. There are different contents available on the app for one’s viewing pleasure. Movies and TV shows can be streamed in HD and they include subtitles. All one needs is to download the application and have a standard Internet connection. Viola! You’re in your comfort zone.

It is important to note that shows or movies that we watch on Popcorn time are torrent files. Therefore, it isn’t different from downloading the videos using a torrent downloader. In many countries, often times, files on Torrent sites are copyrighted materials and the likelihood of being caught is high because the app is a peer-to-peer app. Your IP is shared and an ISP (Internet Service Provider) can access one’s IP. However, installing a VPN app can eliminate such a problem.

Swift Streams

This app shows different live tv channels from countries like the US, UK, India, Canada, France, etc. It is quite easy to use and different video players are supported. Also, it does not require any subscription or registration.

Furthermore, it can be viewed on different video players which means that it is not limited to any player. It works smoothly on WiFi and mobile networks. It supports devices that run on Android 2.2 and above.

HISTORY (free)

android tv apps

Did you know that the Queen of England celebrates her birthday twice a year? The first one is on April 21st (her actual birthdate) and the other one is on the Second Saturday in June. You didn’t know? Then you should download History Apk and get acquainted with intriguing stuff.

This app is designed for history lovers and everyone who is willing to learn new stuff. It is free to use but premium contents can be accessed if one’s Tv provider is supported. This app is highly recommended because of the regular additions for one’s viewing pleasure.

Some of the shows aired include Vikings, Big Easy Motors, etc. Also, there are some exclusive feature stories that are shown which have never been aired on TV before. Need any more convincing?


free android tv apps

Have you ever travelled somewhere with your kids and they asked to watch cartoons but you couldn’t provide one? How did you feel? Get the days of such disappointment behind you with the Cartoon Network App. This is the best avenue to view latest episodes even before they are made available on TV. Some of the cartoons available are Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls and Clarence.

The app does not require a login and episodes not marked with a key can be viewed instantly. Upon the provision of a tv provider details, episodes marked with keys can be viewed too. Your kids would definitely love you more.


These are 10 of the best free TV apps for Android. If you have contrary opinions or you have other apps in mind, do let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I develop iPhone/iPad apps for kids. I get SO many emails claiming that my app’s sound doesn’t work. I copy a section of our FAQ to them, which is very similar to your blog post here. Those people I can at least help and they are usually very grateful. Unfortunately, some people decide to give my apps a 1 star review without ever even trying to contact me. It’s extremely frustrating! I don’t know what else to do!

  2. This app is horrible. To many adds the buffering takes forever and sometimes it does not even work. No kid section for movies and to be honest the entire selection is not great at all. I will never use this app again.

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