10 Best Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria in 2023

best bulk sms service providers

When you need to send a large number of SMS at once, you can choose from the best bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria, reviewed in this post.

Bulk SMS entails sending a large quantity or volume of Short Message Service (also called SMS) or text messages at once. It works in a similar fashion to the procedure for sending your normal text or SMS from a phone.

However, there is a difference between both: While sending regular text messages is via your mobile phone, the bulk SMS option is via the internet with the use of a reliable bulk SMS gateway.

We have many companies providing bulk SMS services in this country, with each offering similar packages but at different price points and with different quality. Bulk SMS Nigeria provides your business with a complete mobile marketing solution in a bid to improve customer acquisition and stay at the top of the competition.

In today’s article, we take a look at the 10 best bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria. These services will facilitate your business, and connections and also help you save costs.

Nigeria Bulk SMS

Nigeria Bulk SMS is one of the top leading Bulk SMS providers in Nigeria with 12 years of experience, over 70,000 customer databases and still counting. They are the most used Bulk SMS provider in Nigeria.

Nigeria Bulk SMS has thrived all through the years and is highly trusted for:

  • Fast Bulk SMS delivery
  • Very affordable Bulk SMS prices which starts from ‎₦1.70
  • Delivery to Numbers on “Do not Disturb” (DnD)
  • Online SMS Credit Purchase System
  • Attractive Referral System
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform
  • Non-Expirable SMS Units
  • Bulk SMS delivery to over 187 countries and over 600 networks around the world.
  • 24/7 friendly customer support
  • Bulk SMS reseller program where they build your own website for a very low price to start selling SMS Credits.
  • Tested and Trusted by top clients who buy from them such as: Cars45, Maersk, Emzor, Stallion Group, UAC, RCCG, Living Faith Church, Honeywell and many more.

Signing up on Nigeria Bulk SMS platform, you enjoy unique features such as: delivery report, customized SMS, Phonebook directory, Flexible SMS gateway API, SMS scheduling, customized sender ID, repeated numbers remover, SMS character counter, Message history, transaction history, voice SMS/Robbo calls and many other smart features.


This platform has been in existence for some time now. It sports a user-friendly interface, which you will find easy to navigate. X-Wireless also provide solutions for Excel Plugin, allowing you to send SMS from an excel sheet, which contains your messages & contact.

The provider offers its bulk SMS service at a price starting at ₦0.89 per SMS for volume that is between 1 and 9,999. And this can go as low as ₦0.73 for a minimum volume. These are the steps to buy Bulk SMS online from X-Wireless:

  • Create an account on the site.
  • Sign in to the account. 
  • In the left menu, you will see the Make Payment option; click on it
  • The Order Page will now come up.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay and pick one of the available payment methods.
  • Press Proceed & complete your payment.
  • Immediately the payment is verified by admin, the credits will be added to your account.

Gold SMS 247

With Gold SMS 247, you can purchase SMS for as low as 72 kobos per SMS. The company offers you immediate delivery upon making payment.

It provides your business with affordable and reliable Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria.  This service can help your business as a vital marketing and campaign tool for promoting the business, since it helps create brand awareness and facilitates getting across to a large potential market within a short while, containing a reasonable number of customers. 

With this Bulk SMS in Nigeria Service, you will be able to realize your advertising plan and strategy, enhance your customer retention, and achieve a better customer-staff relationship with your company.

It is a highly dependable provider since it boasts strong network coverage, which is also wide and can disseminate to every part of the country. Gold SMS 247 Service is a cost-effective tool that will help you stay connected with customers in today’s fast-paced digital era. 


This service will help you send your bulk SMS to every network in Nigeria as well as more than 600 networks around the world. BulkSMSNigeria has a larger user-base than most of the competition due to its ranking for terms that are related to bulk SMS in this country.

It is among the top SMS network providers in Nigeria, which offers payment options. On the platform, you get to enjoy both free and Premium Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria as well as across the world.

Furthermore, BulkSMSNigeria delivers your messages to every active number, with DND numbers inclusive, and will send you real-time delivery reports. When you sign up on the site, you will be given 50 free bulk SMS units.

As regards paying for SMS units, ₦500 is the minimum amount accepted for bank transfer/deposit. You also have to note that a ₦50 Stamp Duty Deduction applies to all bank payments that are up to ₦1,000.
After making your payment, you can complete the payment notification form to get your account credited. You may use your email address as the depositor’s name or input it as the narration or description when you are transferring funds to the site.


Smskernel is one of the 10 best bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria in 2020. Some of its exciting features include its responsive design as well as quick message delivery option. This feature ensures that it does not take up to minutes to get your message delivered to the intended receiver.

The platform’s responsive design perfectly fits low-end phones due to its smooth and easy-to-understand UI. Also, it sends text messages that inform users of crucial messages.

On signing up, the tool gives you 5 SMS units, which you can use for testing the service before you place an order. It also has a mobile app, making it even easier to use. The cost of SMS is ₦1 per message, and there are no additional charges.

Smskernel also provides you with a reseller package at an affordable price. It lets you place an order on the site and make payment using a credit card conveniently. You also get credited after paying within 10 to 30 minutes from the time of placing the order.


This site is among the popular reliable bulk SMS companies in Nigeria. It is a well-known solution, used by a number of leading Nigerian companies. The platform’s design is clean and straightforward to use. It is also responsive, though it does not fit quite well on low-end mobile phones. Nevertheless, Ebulksms.com has an excellent SMS delivery time, and the service is worth trying.

Among the 10 best bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria in 2020, it has the most advanced features and capabilities. You would find their packages flexible and come at competitive rates, though a bit expensive. In spite of that, the quality of the service rendered is not questionable.


Like XWireless, Dmobili has also been in the bulk SMS business in Nigeria for a very long time. Among its customers are several big companies in this country. While you may not find its design responsive, the platform has an easy-to-use interface.

It gives you 3 SMS unit after signing up, and you can sue for testing their service before you purchase more units. Dmobili has a fast message delivery rate. It also offers you an option to send your message later after scheduling the time and date.

The SMS charges on the site is ₦1.70 to AIRTEL, MTN, and 9mobile, ₦2 to GLO, ₦4 to Visafone, Starcoms, Multilinks (MTS), and ₦10 to international numbers for one SMS. It also lets you buy SMS unit on the Internet in just a click using your cash card (ATM card).


Coming right up is Yugosms, which is among the easiest-to-use bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria in 2020. While its site isn’t all that user-friendly with any type of screen, it is still one of the leading bulk SMS providers in this country currently.

Among other features, it delivers your messages quickly without stress and gives you 2 SMS units upon registration for testing its service. Apart from these, Yugosms lets you pay via its account or using the Internet via your ATM cash card to order for SMS unit.

It offers a cool message interface, though it appears some of its features need some improvement. Nonetheless, the platform is a nice option you can consider when in need of a bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria in 2020.


Coming next to the last option is Speedway, which is also another great tool to send bulk SMS in this country.

If you need a service to send bulk SMS across Nigeria at a high speed, you can check this site out. Its message delivery is excellent, and it comes with an option to purchase SMS online using you ATM cash card or by paying directly to its account. After paying, you should get credited within 12 hours.

SMS Live 247

In the last spot is SMS Live 247, a tool that enables you to send SMS at 1 SMS per unit. Its price is low, which is ₦1.35 naira per unit.

The platform is a great site for sending bulk SMS to any GSM & CDMA networks in this country as well as more than 600 networks in over 200 countries around the world.

There you have it — the 10 best bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria.

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