Top 10 Best Bible Apps for Android Devices

best bible apps for android

If you have been looking for the best Bible apps for Android, then this is the right place for you. Gone are the days when people took their traditional bible to church every Sunday or used it for devotionals and personal study. People may have the need for the Bible in any location and it is quite strenuous to take the bible everywhere. With technology, such a problem has been eliminated because there are many Bible apps available for smartphones.   Here are 10 of the best Bible apps for Android devices right now.

The Best Bible Apps for Android Devices to Download

The Study Bible

Price: Free / $5.99


This is easily one of the best Bible apps for Android available now. Its emphasis is on the New Testament although the Old Testament isn’t neglected if it is needed. It also owns different versions of the bible. Also, there are teachings from various teachers which can be listened to on the app.

There is a free version of the app which can be upgraded for about $6.

Daily Bible Verse

Price: Free


This is an app that displays a variety of verses on a daily basis. It shuffles the kind of verses so there are new things to learn each day. There is an option to choose between the KJV and NIV versions of the bible too. Favourites can be saved on the app and the verses can be shared on social media too.


Price: Free (books cost extra)


This is a text-to-speech book platform. Various editions of the Bible are available on the application. It is very easy to listen to the bible at any place and on every occasion. Someone one can go on a jogging spree while listening to different Bible passages.

Bible by Life Church

Price: Free


This bible is laden with so many features and that is why it is a great fit for this list. There is offline access available on the app. In fact, there is over 1000 version available on the multilanguage app platform. Therefore, it is feasible to read whatever version is needed.

The app provides a ‘Verse of the Day’ every day for users at a specific time usually morning. Also, the audio version is readily available on the app. What’s more, it is completely free without any charge available.

Bible App for Kids

Price: Free


This Bible is designed for kids. There is an adventure mode available on the app which takes kids through a Bible journey. It explains the occurrences and the people in the bible. There are various challenges available alongside comics which is a pictorial representation. The best part of the app is that it does not have any charge attached to it.

HarperCollins Christian Publishing apps

Price: Free / Varies


This is a conglomerate of applications. There are different bible and bible study apps available. It is worthy of note that the apps feature different versions of the Bible which include NKJV, KJV, NLT, ESV and NIV. Also, they feature the incredibly powerful Amplified Bible app. There are options to take notes and study further when necessary.

Our Daily Bread

Price: Free


This is a Christian movement that has been founded as far back as the 1930s. The app has devotionals and various Christian magazines available for reads. There are options for bible reading schedule on the app. The app really works well even though it looks archaic.

Pocket Casts

Price: $3.99


This app is one that supports a podcast on it. Many podcasts uploaded by ministries and churches on a weekly basis can be found on this app. These podcasts are based on Christian teachings. Anyone who misses a church service can listen to podcasts via the app to keep oneself updated.

Tecarta Bible

Price: Free with in-app purchases


This is a must-download app for Christians. There is the KJV version available at no cost on the app. Also, there are over 6 translations available for non-English speakers on the application. While reading through, a user can highlight and favourite verses read through the verse of the day and some other features.

Devotionals are also made available for those who want to enrich themselves with the word. The app is free but not without ads. However, it can be upgraded for the ads to be disabled permanently.

Bible Trivia Quiz Free

Price: Free


This is an app to test your knowledge. It bases its questions on different stories and events in the bible. There are different lengths of questions ranging from 10 questions to 20 and 50 questions.

It is expected that correct answers should be provided for the questions. Bible passages are provided if a provided answer is wrong.


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