Top 10 Alternatives to Movie4k to Watch Free Movies

watch free hd movies - alternatives to movie4k

Movie4k is arguably the best website for streaming and watching top quality movies for free.  Access to movies on this site requires very little to no stress at all. It doesn’t require any form of registration or subscription to access the movies. This is no doubt one of the reasons it is widely regarded as the best free movie website available. However, to the oblivion of many, there are a good number of other sites, offering similar services to viewers and subscribers. In this article, we are going to be bringing you the top 10 alternatives to Movie4k, where you can watch top quality movies for free.

Movie4k is not completely devoid of inadequacies. In fact, it has been blocked in some countries and most people probably cannot access it again. So, we have compiled some of the best alternatives to Movie4k to watch your movies.

Best Alternatives to Movie4K to Watch Free Movies


You probably already know about this website. It is one of the major competitors of Movie4k. Just like Movie4k, Putlocker has a wide variety of movie, which cut across several genres. In fact, the search interface of the Putlocker’s homepage is relatively easier to navigate than the site of Movie4k.

You can access Putlocker’s website by pasting the following URL on your browser:

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Solar Movies

Solar movies is another popular option to Movie4k. This site offers some of the best movies, in top quality formats for free. Solar movies also redirect you to other platforms, if the movie you want is not hosted.

You can access Solar movies’ website by pasting the following URL on your browser:


Yify is another “free” movie site, which offers the best of top quality movies experience, just Movie4k, Yify offers free streaming of movies on its platform. Its search interface is also much easier, compared to Movie4k. On Yify, you can search movies by “genre”, “country”, year and so on.

To access Yify movie site by pasting the following URL on your browser:

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This is another excellent alternative to Movie4k, in terms of free and quality movies. In the Coolmoviezone website, you can easily sign up or register for free. Then you are provided access to myriads of top quality movies, across several genres. You can also download or save your favourite movies on your device, to watch later offline.

Navigate to to start watching on Collmoiezone.


Well, this movie site needs no introduction. It is arguably one of the most visited movie sites globally. You can stream and download varieties of movies from 123movies. 123movies hosts the latest of movies on its platform. You can also request for your favourite movies on 123movies.

Navigate to and start enjoying

Los Movies

Los movies have varieties of movies in excess of 100,000. Another interesting thing about this site is that it has an easy-to-navigate (user-friendly) interface. You are provided access to several genres of movies, ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood on this platform.

Navigate to to start watching on Los.


You are looking for a reliable alternative to Movie4k, in terms of movies quality? Here you are! Vumoo offers high-resolution HD movies to viewers, for free. Although, you will be required to create a user account before you can watch the HD movies on this site, watching movies is absolutely free.

Navigate to to start enjoying Vumoo.


Movie25 is one of the largest movie sites, which can easily compete with the best, in terms of movie quality. The site has about 10,000 movies accessible to its global viewers. But you can watch any of these movies free of charge.

Copy and paste in your browser to watch.

Prime Wire

Another excellent alternative to Movie4k is “Prime Wire”. This movie site hosts over 25,000 movies, which are regularly updated with the latest movies. Streaming movies on this site is free.

Copy and paste in your browser to start watching.

Film Club

One special feature of this site is its orderly arrangement of genre-classes. On this site, you can easily go through your favourite movie genre, to select your desired movie. Streaming of movies is absolutely free.

Copy and paste in your browser to start watching.

There you go, guys! These are the best alternatives to Movie4k.

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