Beats Solo Pro Headphones Announced with Noise Cancellation

Apple yesterday announced Beats Solo Pro on-ear headphones, its first with adaptive noise cancellation. The new headphones look similar to the Solo 3s but Apple has made a slight redesign and added squishier earpads, longer battery life and the latest H1 Bluetooth chip amongst many. The Solo Pro is available for pre-order and it will start shipping October 30th. It will set you back by $299.95, the same price which the Solo 3s go for.

For the new Solo Pro, the material has been improved and the plastic in the headband has been replaced with sturdy aluminium. The metal sliders are now exposed unlike in old solo 3s when you have to slide to see them. The Solo Pros powers on automatically when its unfolded and powers off when its folded, there is no power button.

beats solo pro

The Beat Solo Pro on-ear headphones come in different colour varieties such as blue, dark blue, light blue, red, black, ivory and gray. They all come in matte finish and there is a limited edition which Apple made in partnership with Pharrell Williams. More limited editions are expected as Apple did with the old Solo 3s.

According to TheVerge, the Solo Pros are more sweat resistant. Not only are Beats fashion headphones, they’ve also become important gym accessory. Beats has made a conscious effort to make the Solo Pros function without problems even when users sweat on it.

The biggest feature of the Beats Solo Pro, of course, is the adaptive noise cancellation, since it’s the first-ever Beats headphone to have this. To activate, you just have to press the circular button at the bottom of the left ear cup. This has replaced the 3.55 audio jack port found on the Solo 3s. To use a wired connection with the Solo Pros, you have to get an adapter that works with the Lighting port for audio.

According to Beats, the Solo Pros lasts up to 22 hours of battery life when the noise cancellation a new transparency mode (opposite for noise cancellation) is on and 40 hours when both features are not in use. It supports fast charging and can get 3 hours of usage time with a 10-minutes charge.

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