Meet all Housemates! BBNaija 2019 Housemates Pictures and Profile

bbnaija 2019 housemates

Do you need all the lowdown on the BBNaija 2019 housemates, we got you covered. Tagged Pepper Dem, the BBNaija 2019 show began this Sunday. See how to watch the show live on your TV, computer, mobile or tablet.

Over the next 99 days, 21 housemates will battle for the grand prize of N60 million. However, it won’t be easy as Big Brother plans to bring mind games, surprise turns and unforeseen twists to the show.

BBNaija 2019 Housemates Profile and Pictures

Ebuka Uchendu remains its host while the show’s event will be broadcasted from Lagos, Nigeria. Here are the profiles of the BBNaija 2019 Housemates.


BBNaija 2019 housemates

Ogun State native, Saidat “Avala” Balogun comes as a budding singer and a single mother who wants to inspire other young women while chasing her dreams on the show. Also, she sees the highest points of her life as a period when she had her daughter and her single “Give Me a Chance.” She studied music and business at the York College and loves music by Mary J Blige.

Her turn off is disloyalty, and she believes that her seriousness will make her a fan favourite. If she wins the money, she plans to build a house for her baby and her mum while investing in real estate.


BBNaija 2019 housemates

Khafi Kareem is an Ekiti lady who works in London as a police officer. She believes that you can have what if you believe in yourself. Apart from winning the cash prize, she intends to get exposure as Big Brother housemate. Her talents include dancing, poetry, and singing.

She loathes people that prevent free expression as well try to control her. She also promises to leave the show when forced to perform an indecent act.

What will you do with the prize money: I will hire a film crew and host a travel show.

Her plans for the prize include hosting a Nigerian based travel show and donating to charity.


Omashola BBNaija

As an entrepreneur and model, Omashola has chosen Lagos as his new home. The Delta State native loves cooking, basketball, and “being in the water, even though I can’t swim.”

His motto is “If you want it, go get it – don’t just sit down,” which he follows strictly by becoming a BBNaija housemate. He also wants to use the show to promote his brand after his ex turned down his marriage proposal while on his knees. However, he has put the event behind him and plans to make his dreams come true.


Ella bbnaija

After stints as a television presenter, voice-over artist, actress, and model, Victoria “Ella” Nnabuchi has always loved the entertainment industry. She even came as a runner up in a favourite music talent search show.

Her interests include dancing, traveling, singing, reading, and poetry. Although the industry believes in faking it until you make it, Ella chooses the motto “faith it, until you make it.”

What irritates you most about other people: Liars and deceitful people.

She doesn’t like deceitful people and liars while she thinks her exciting and unique personality will make her a crowd favourite. But she has not made plans on how to spend the prize money.


BBNaija 2019 housemates pictures

28-year-old Chemeka Frodd Okoye is from Anambra State. With a career in sales, he is soft-spoken and lists the payment of his mum’s surgery bill as the proudest moments in his life.

If presented with a million dollar cheque, he will not quit the show. This is because he believes that staying in the house comes as “the experience that can never be bought.”

He feels his charms will make him a fan, and he intends to use the prize as capital for fashion line and an NGO that focuses on single mothers. He also hates fake people, pride, and bullies.


IKE - BBNaija 2019 housemates

Seen as a lookalike of Montel B Jordan, this Imo State native spends most of his time in Houston, Texas, and Maryland, Lagos. Sticking to his “you only live once” mantra, Steve Ikechukwu Onyema is loud and entertaining. However, he had experienced a different part of life after losing his business in 2013, which made him move in with his girlfriend. Fortunately, he has begun to find his feet.

Ike loves steaks and vegetables while his favourite movie is “No Country for Old Men.” But he chooses to avoid people that talk too much. Motivated by a zeal to get exposure during the show, Ike claims that wealth or a loss in the family will not make him quit the house.

He plans on sharing the money with his cousin that took care of him during his stay in Nigeria. He also wants to invest in real estate and give donations to charities that support children. Good looks and his funny personality might make him a crowd favourite on the show.


BBNaija 2019 housemates

With an MA in Human Resources, Isilomo Braimoh is single and ready to mingle. Aged 27, the Lagos resident relaxes with travel, food, music, sports, and other outdoor activities. She also loves J. Cole’s “Middle Child” and Skibii Dazz’s “Daz How Star Do.

Her turn off include arguments, sluggishness, and lack of responsibility. She hopes to use her realness and funny side to become a fan favorite.

If she wins the cash price, she plans on investing in a media career as well as the capital market. She also would love to go on a vacation with her family.


Jackye - BBNaija 2019 housemates

Jackie is the fierce 23-year-old leader of a software engineer team that won a contract to build a Fintech app for the biggest firms in Africa. She loves football, spaghetti, and playing games while her motto is “I never lose, either I win, or I learn.” She has only dated one man in her life – her current boyfriend, and she does not like slow people.

Although she is not sure of becoming a fan favorite, she plans on using the cash price as a capital for her tech project that focuses on making AI affordable to all Nigerians.


Kimoprah BBNaija 2019

Kim-Oprah was Nigeria’s representative at the Miss Intercontinental World Beauty Pageant. While running her business and working as a television presenter, the beautiful lady believes nothing is impossible to achieve.

She loves “Smart Money Woman” by Arese Ugwu and promises that nothing can make her quit the Big Brother Nigeria house. However, the bubbly lady does not like liars. She hopes to use her realness to become a possible winner of the cash prize.

Sir Dee

sir dee, bbnaija season 4

Kaduna native, Atteh Daniel Tioluwa is a banker and graphic designer who stands on being “the best version of myself at all times.” Also known as Sir Dee, the 27-year-old is in a relationship and loves the Lord of the Rings series. His talents include whistling, and he says, “The fact that I will be disconnected from everyone I know will have to form new relationships in an enclosed environment, is very exciting to me.”

He does not like people who are manipulative or condescending and hopes to win the game with his humor, sarcasm, and playfulness. If he wins, he intends to use the money as a capital for his business but not before spending it with his family.

What irritates you most about other people: I hate people who are manipulative and condescending.


BBNaija pepper dem - Tuoyo

After an unsuccessful attempt at enlisting in the Navy and Airforce, Tuoyo has risen to become a contestant on Big Brother Nigeria. Trained as a psychotherapist, the single 23-year-old works as a fitness coach and “part-time stripper.”

He loves working out, watching movies, cuddling, and listening to music from Davido and J.Cole. Gossip and body odor are his turn-offs while he hopes to use his listening skills, coupled with his entertaining nature to win the prize. Tuoyo plans on opening a therapy institution and a lounge.


Nelson - BBNaija 2019

After winning Mr. Universe Nigeria 2018, Nelson Allison hopes to cart away the grand prize with his humor, creativity, passion, and warm-heartedness. The single and searching model/consultant loves sketching, cooking, working out, and movies.

He does not like liars and dishonest people and believes in holding on until the very end. If he becomes a world leader, he promises to offer equal opportunities to the rich and poor. Finally, he wants to use the prize money to take care of himself and establish a business.


thelma - bbnaija 2019 profile

Thelma Ibemere is a 26-year-old business woman who lives by the mantra: “Only hang out with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.”  After working as a hair and beauty practitioner, she loosens up by dancing, traveling, or reading her favorite book – James C Maxwell’s “Talent is not enough.”

Currently, in a relationship, Thelma joined the house for fame. However, a wedding or pregnancy might make her quit the show. If she uses her jovial and accommodating nature to wins the money, she will invest it in her business and assist her family. Scandals and pretense are gee turn-offs.


Seyi Awolowo's Grand son BBNaija

Oluwaseyi “Seyi” Awolowo is a 30-year-old entrepreneur who escaped an attempted suicide and became a bubbly individual that holds self-acceptance, his girlfriend and beliefs in high esteem.  When asked about the proudest moments of his life, he said it was seeing his face for the first time on a billboard.

He believes he will stand out from the rest of the housemates and plans to use the cash prize for his business and charity. Finally, he does not like fake people

What irritates you most about other people: Fake people and those who lack originality.


Esther bbnaija 2019

Esther Olaoluwa Agunbiade is proud of her beauty and brains. The 22-year-old Lagos based lawyer was called to the bar at just twenty-one years old. She’s also very athletic and loves to show off her figure. Her favorite outfit? A white off the shoulder, bodycon, short dress. “Who says a girl can’t embrace all aspects of who she is?” she questions.

She is a Lagos based lawyer that was called to bar at the age of twenty-one years old. Now 22, Esther Olaoluwa Agunbiade loves to show off her athletic figure in a white of shoulder, bodycon, short dress. But she hates people with poor bathroom and toilet hygiene.

Although she’s in the game for the competition, she plans to win the game with her realness, sexiness, and intelligence.


Jeff, BBNaija 2019

Anambra state indigene, Jeff lives in Jos and loves to dance to tunes by Burna Boy and Drake. The 30-year-old banker also lists his favorite foods like beans, yam, amala, ewedu and gbegiri. His favourite sports include swimming and basketball.

He dislikes ungrateful people and intends to win the game with his wit, kindness, and lovable personality. Finally, he wants to use the prize money to establish a business that will benefit the youth.


Tacha BBNaija 2019 profile

It was very surprising to see Instagram slay queen, Tacha, as one of the BBNaija 2019 housemates. Becoming a housemate stands as the most significant moments in the life of this 23-year-old Rivers State native. In between business and listening to Cardi B, she loves going on spending her time on social media.

She finds gossip mongers unattractive while she hopes to become a fan favourite with her lively character. If she wins the money, she hopes to launch a business and a charity as well as spend the money on her family.


bbnaija 2019 housemates - Mercy

With love for cooking, dancing, travelling and swimming, Mercy Eke one of the BBNaija 2019 housemates is a video vixen and businesswoman based in Lagos. Her favourite food is rice and, while the highest point of her life is “being alive today.” But she does not like proud people.


bbnaija - Diane

Diane Yashim is a University of Debrecen graduate that loves new experiences. The easygoing lady is a model and an aspiring cook who sees her stay in the Big Brother house as one of the greatest moments of her life.

She does not like liars and loud-mouthed people but loves travel coupled with a stint in the entertainment industry. She plans to use the cash prize to fulfill the last two goals and even return to school. That is if she wins with her relatable personality.


bbnaija 2019 housemates - geedoni

One of the BBNaija 2019 housemates is Ekpata Gedoni, a fashion designer that loves sports, arts and house cleaning. He even loves taking walks. Aged 31, the Cross River indigene does not like laziness and stubbornness.

He hopes to use his easygoing personality to win the grand prize with his easy going and exciting nature. His plans for the money include paying off family debts and establishing a fashion house.


bbnaija - Mike

The only married one of all the BBNaija 2019 housemates, Mike Edwards is a UK born Nigerian athlete and businessman who fondly recalls his marriage to his wife as the highest point of his life. However, his ban from the 2018 Commonwealth Games stands as one of the downsides of his career.

He loves a challenge but hates negativity. Maybe this is why he intends to win the show with his positivity and real personality. Finally, he wants to use the money to grow his business.


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