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Desktop Wallpapers

Not everyone cares about changing the desktop wallpapers on their computers, it could be because they do not where to get them or they just love seeing the old Windows background that comes with every other computer. Changing my computer’s desktop background is something have gotten used to over the years as this have an effect on me psychologically in the way I use my computer. I feel more urge to use my computer when I have a awesome desktop wallpaper.

There are various types of desktop wallpapers you could use out there on the internet, they are of various categories ranging from educative ones to entertainment, your favourite celebrities and so much more. Sometimes when people see you using your computer they don’t want to look elsewhere except your desktop because there’s something striking about your wallpaper.

There is a particular website online where I download wallpapers of any resolution and sizes I want, their database is full of top quality wallpapers.

Here Is How to Get Awesome Desktop Wallpapers

Ther are many way and means to get wallpapers but I prefer a website called The Paper Wall. Visit thepaperwall here on your internet browser.

Here Is How to Get Awesome Desktop Wallpapers

Browse any category you want, open your desired picture, right-click on it then select Save As to download anywhere on your computer. Open the downloaded image thumbnail, right-click on it and select Set as desktop background. Your desktop will now reflect the new picture.


Here Is How to Get Awesome Desktop Wallpapers

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