Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro Headset Launches February 2

apple vision pro

More than six months after its original announcement in June last year, Apple has finally announced its Vision Pro mixed reality headset will launch in the US on February 2. Pre-orders for the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro will go live on Friday, January 19 at 5AM PST.

The Apple Vision Pro runs on visionOS, and it is a spatial computer that blends digital content with the physical world. It can be used as an augmented reality (AR) and a virtual reality (VR) device, which can be controlled by the user’s eyes, hands, and voice. The headset is powered by Apple silicon in a dual-chip design. The in-house M2 chip handles performance while the R1 chip processes inputs from the cameras, sensors, and microphones.

Apple says more than 1 million apps available across the iOS and iPadOS can be accessed on Apple Vision Pro while users can also watch movies and TV shows in ultra-high resolution from streaming services such as Apple TV+, Disney+, and Max. Thanks to an update on iOS 17.2, iPhone 15 Pro users can record spatial videos and view them on the Vision Pro headset.

Apple also revealed pricing for the ZEISS lenses that can be used on the mixed-reality headset. The Readers will be available for $99, while the Prescription will go for $149. The Apple Vision Pro will feature a base 256GB storage and it will ship with the following accessories: Solo Knit Band and Dual Loop Band, a Light Seal, Two Light Seal Cushions, an Apple Vision Pro Cover, Polishing Cloth, Battery, USB-C Charge Cable, and USB-C Power Adapter.

From the product video revealed by Apple, the Vision Pro provides great entertainment but the $3,499 pricing might be a stumbling block for many who are interested in the device.

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