Apple is Reportedly Working on a thinner iPhone, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch

iphone 15 pro

The 2024 iPad Pro may be the thinnest product Apple has ever made but the company is not stopping there. According to the latest edition of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman Power On newsletter, the company reportedly has plans to make similarly thinner iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro.

The 13-inch iPad Pro which is 5.1mm thin was introduced with a ‘Crush’ commercial illustrating how tiny the device is. Apple seemed to have moved away from making its devices thin. The MacBook Pro got thicker, the same applies to the iPhone, and the Ultra model of the Apple Watch with more features and battery life. With the iPad Pro, it looks like Apple has figured out how to make its products skinnier with improved performance and features.

Gurman says the iPhone 17 line in 2025 will be “skinnier,” and that there are also plans to make the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch “thinner.”

The plan is for the latest iPad Pro to be the beginning of a new class of Apple devices that should be the thinnest and lightest products in their categories across the whole tech industry,” Gurman shared in his Power On newsletter.

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