Apple is Reportedly Testing iPhones with USB-C Ports

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple could ditch its current Lightning port in favour of USB-C connector, Bloomberg reports. The company is testing future iPhone models with the USB-C port and this will help the company comply with European Union regulations of having device makers adopt the USB-C port.

If Apple eventually decides to proceed with the change, it won’t happen “until 2023 at the earliest”, according to Bloomberg. Not only is Apple testing USB-C port iPhones, but the company also want these iPhones to work with accessories designed for a Lightning connector with an adapter it is working on.

Apple’s iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro and the Macs use USB-C ports and switching the iPhone to the same ports will make charging on Apple devices uniform. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had earlier made the prediction this week on Twitter. Switching to USB-C ports would also improve the iPhone’s transfer and charging speeds.

The EU has been pushing for a common charger for years, and it is understood this is a major factor in Apple’s decision to consider ditching the lightning connectors. If Apple and other device makers eventually adopt the USB-C port, not only will the move make charging devices easy for customers, but it would also help tackle the problem of electronic waste.

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