The Appeal of Online Games Based on Mythic Plots

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Mythology often serves as the basis for computer games since myths include both fantasy and real components. Being rooted in the culture and history of different peoples, they broadcast the real ways of life of certain eras. But at the same time, they allow players to dream, endowing the heroes with unprecedented powers, skills, and magical abilities. The Game Karma platform has collected the best selection of mythological-based online games that can take you to different eras and test yourself in confrontation with powerful forces.

What Mythology to Choose for the Online Game?

By playing mythological online games, users learn the history, religion, way of life, and worldviews of different people in ancient times. Carefully collected and passed down from generation to generation, these myths serve as evidence of the greatness of bygone eras. Gaming culture uses both well-known and less common local myths, thereby popularizing them to a global audience. Here are just some of the most common sub-genres of mythological stories:

  • Christian mythology
  • Chinese mythology
  • Egyptian mythology
  • Norse mythology
  • Greek mythology
  • Slavic mythology
  • Japanese mythology

Causes of Popularity of Mythological Plots

An interesting feature of the distribution of games based on a particular mythology is cross-culturalism. Thus, games based on Chinese and Japanese mythology are gaining popularity in the Western world. In contrast, Scandinavian mythology has enjoyed incredible interest from Asian players in recent years. For example, South Korean developer WeMade Entertainment is releasing a game based on Norse mythology. It will hit the market in 2023 and will be called Legend of YMIR. Among the two main reasons for this cross-cultural phenomenon, experts identify the following.

Need for Enigma

Myths attract with their mystery, powerful gods interfering in the course of human history, heroes with superpowers that are not afraid to challenge enemies, and magnificent nature, also acting on the side of some conflicting parties. 

  • The myths that a child hears from childhood within the framework of their culture gradually lose such mystery and challenge of the unknown. One remembers the plot and all the heroes and gods of those myths. Therefore, a person can predict in advance the denouement of the plot, built on the basis of a myth well-known to them.
  • When they encounter the mythology of another nation, their consciousness opens up to meet unknown powerful forces, the interaction of which constitutes the dynamics of mythical reality.

Market Sales

The developers of computer games have to think about the profit that they will receive as a result of the market release of their games. Otherwise, it makes no sense to invest solid resources and engage the best programmers to work on the project. To increase sales, consumers must be intrigued, and their expectations should be raised in anticipation of the game. 

  • If a developer in Western society promises the 500,000th version of a game based on Greek mythology, it is unlikely that this will be followed by a surge in audience interest. 
  • But if this game is based on some recently discovered artifacts from an obscure Indian tribe or mysterious Northern peoples living autonomously somewhere at the end of the world, a lot more players will want to have a glimpse of this game.

The Game Karma platform closely monitors all the latest products in the gaming industry and offers its users only the best releases. Join a wide community of platform users, and the myths of all nations of the world will reveal to you their incredible mysterious secrets!

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