Anyone Can Now Download Public Reels on Instagram

download reels on instagram

In June, Instagram rolled out an update that lets anyone download public Reels, but the feature was limited to U.S. users only. In a channel broadcast on Wednesday, company head Adam Mosseri said the feature is now rolling out to everyone globally. As reported by TechCrunch, users could only save Reels to view later before the new update.

Like on TikTok, downloaded public Reels on Instagram will have an Instagram watermark with the owner’s account name. It would be recalled that Instagram stopped recommending Reels with TikTok watermark in 2021. In 2022, Mosseri further emphasised that the company was changing its ranking to “value original content more.”

To download a Reel, go to the share button and select the download option. Reel posters will have the option to turn off downloading of their videos. Downloading option can be turned off in Settings > Privacy > Reels and Remix, and on the toggle “Allow people to download your Reels”. TechCrunch points out that a Reel downloaded with licensed audio will not have any audio playback. Only Reels with original soundtracks will contain audio when downloaded.

Image: Instagram

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