5 Reasons to Start a Blog If You are Passionate about Writing

5 reasons to start a blog

If you love writing or you want to learn and improve on how to write, starting a blog is one of the best things you can do to help yourself. Outlined below are 5 reasons to start a blog if you are hoping to learn how to write, love writing or you want to improve on your writing.

Avenue to Scribble out Your Thoughts

Blogging sometimes is an avenue to scribble out your thoughts. Some people open a personal blog in their names and start writing about their views on various topics at a particular period of time. You will agree with me, without this only few people would certainly sit down to hear you speak out all the thoughts in your head to them.

Blogging Improves Your writing

I started blogging almost a year ago, the way I write last year or few months ago is not certainly the way I write now. I’ve made a lot improvements, practice makes perfect. Constant practice of anything only makes one better at it. If you a guy and you are the shy type who is too afraid to speak with the opposite sex, looking for ladies to speak with constantly would improve your confidence, same applies with writing and blogging. This is one of the reasons to start a blog.

A Chance to Have Your Own Audience

If you are truly passionate about writing, starting a blog and dropping interesting updates constantly gives you a chance to have your own audience. Audience are a particular set or group of people ready to read or listen to you at any period of time.

Monetary gains

Some people blog full-time these days, they know what they earn from it. There’s no limit to the figures you could earn as a blogger, as long as you keep working hard and passionate about what you are doing you will get there. There are certainly a lot of blogs in Nigeria, most people nowadays open blogs because they see others earning from it, they are not passionate about writing so they eventually fail. There are many ways to earn from blogging – ads, sponsored contents, etc.

You Become an Authority

When you’ve blogged to a certain level you become an authority, people believe what you’ve written even if parts of it are lies. People come to your blog to seek advice or information and they will do whatever you tell them to do. This in itself gives satisfaction.

I hope I’ve been able to convince you with this 5 reasons to start a blog. If you’ve benefited from this, feel free to share with your friends on social media.

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