3 Advance Features You Must Try In The Latest Opera Browser for PC

Opera browser

Opera recently releases the latest version of its Opera browser for PC  and this version comes with some fantastic features that might make you want to join the Opera family. Knowing that Chrome and Firefox dominate the browser world, Opera plans to break the dominance by adding some advance features that can lure users to its browser.

Out of all the features added in order to upgrade the browser, there are three (3) that catch my attention, and from my experience with browsers, none has provided these useful features.

Ready to meet the three features, then continue reading:

Advance Features of the latest Opera Browser

  1. Battery Saver: If you are a web-head like me that sleeps and wakes on the internet, then this feature will make you a happy man. Because with this feature, you will not have to worry about your laptop battery again, you will only have to worry about your internet bandwidth.
  2. Ad blocker: Just like ‘MTN’, We meet ads everywhere we go on the internet, and of course, they are annoying.  Most of us use third party plugins to block them. But with the latest Opera browser, you do not need plugins again, ad blocker is already plugged-in in the browser.
  3. Free VPN: We all know the importance of VPN (Virtual Private Network). It hides our ass from hacker and trackers. Most VPN services are paid, so few people use it. Opera, however, is giving it out free – perhaps Opera cares about our online security. This free VPN service is powered by SurfEasy Inc., a franchise of Opera based in Canada.

How To Enable The Features

Steps To Activate Battery Saver Mode

  • Download Opera 40.0 and install it.
  • Then launch the browser.
  • Locate the battery icon located at the right-hand beside the address bar.
Opera browser - Opera battery
  • Click on the icon, then click on switch to on the battery saver option and you are good to go.

Steps To Activate The Ad Blocker

  • Click on the Opera icon toward the top left corner.
  • Then click on Settings.
  • Under the Settings, click on Basic, and then click on Block Ads.
  • You can click on the Management Exceptions button if you want to exempt some websites.

Step To Activate Free VPN

  • Still under the Settings, Click on Privacy & Security.
  • Then tick the Enable VPN feature.

After ticking the enable VPN, a box with VPN inside will appear beside your address bar; when the box is orange in colour, it means the VPN is not connected, but when it changes to blue, it means you are connected and there are five countries to route your internet through.


To switch off the VPN, click on the VPN icon and then click on left side of the switch.

How To Check The IP of the Connected VPN

In order to confirm that the IP address of your browser has really changed, go to your address bar and input the URL : www.iplocation.net. From the snapshot below, my IP Address has changed to that of USA, and indeed, I am virtually in United State but physically browsing from Nigeria.


Even though, these three features may by advance for basic internet user, trying them will certainly increase your browsing experience, and above all, you online security is guaranteed.

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